January 2015

Adding Off Site Links to Your Etsy Shop

You are allowed to list your other website(s) in your Etsy shop/listings. 
According to this article called Clarifying Offsite Linking Policies (click to read), here’s the current stance on non-Etsy links…
“As long as you’re not urging or suggesting that your buyers leave Etsy to make a purchase, you’re welcome to include any links you want in your shop - to your personal

Why Buy Handmade Jewelry and the Benefits to Buying Directly From the Jewelry Artist

There are many benefits to buying handmade and particularly buying directly from the artists themselves.

When you buy directly from an artist, you can have all your questions answered by the exact person who made your jewelry. This is the person with the knowledge of the materials and techniques used, the person with the knowledge of the proper wear and care for your jewelry, and the person to turn to for special requests or if a problem arises.

More Patina Experiments... This Time Sealants

I decided to expand my patina testing to include sealants... as in how do certain sealants affect certain patinas.

I spent some time applying patinas via my torch scrap pieces of copper and bronze (see end of post).