April 2020

My New Studio Assistant, A Robot Vacuum

You may think this blog post is not metalsmith related, but you’d be wrong… in my world anyway.

Last June I was in some hot springs and got to talking with another traveler there.  Somehow we ended up talking about the fact that she got and loves her Roomba (robotic vacuum… you’ve seen the videos of cats riding around on them). 

A Few Cloisonné Pieces and A Mermaid

Okay, let's catch you up.  What have I made since the last time I showed you my jewelry?

I wanted to try setting some enamel cabochon (cloisonné, to be specific) into traditional bezel settings.  By "traditional", I mean flat wire, not gallery wire or scalloped or serrated.  Those other wires are very easy to "push over" which is a good thing when it comes to pushing metal up against glass... but I like the look of a traditional bezel setting at times (most times) so wanted to see if I could do it.

My Open Front Cuff Ring Tutorial

As promised, this blog post is just to show you my latest tutorial (click here to see the listing with all the detailed info).

My Cloisonne Enameling Shelf

First, we must laugh at me.  Well, at least I made it through 9 weeks (more or less).  Then the snowball started.  It was custom orders, then pandemic, and gallery closings, and tutorials, etc.  I am OFF the schedule, completely, of feeling the need to fill a quota.  As I said on Facebook, I've gone feral (in more ways than one).

On Saturday, I will catch you up on jewelry I've made recently.  On Friday, I'll catch you up on my latest tutorial.  And tomorrow, I'll show you the results of my comparison of finishing techniques for cloisonne.