Why Buy Handmade Jewelry and the Benefits to Buying Directly From the Jewelry Artist

There are many benefits to buying handmade and particularly buying directly from the artists themselves.

When you buy directly from an artist, you can have all your questions answered by the exact person who made your jewelry. This is the person with the knowledge of the materials and techniques used, the person with the knowledge of the proper wear and care for your jewelry, and the person to turn to for special requests or if a problem arises.

Customer service and customer support are unparalleled when the only two people involved are the customer and the creator of the jewelry.

Working directly with the artist allows for special requests as well as being able to communicate design decisions clearly when custom work is involved.

While handmade jewelry and quality jewelry will always cost more than mass-produced imports, when you purchase your jewelry directly from the artist you cut out the middle man and the price increase that usually accompanies the use of a middle man.

Many if not the majority of jewelry artists care about the environment and take proactive measures to keep their designs in line with repurposing, recycling, and sustainability.

Independent artists also care more about how well their products are made and what materials they're made of. It's their name and their reputation on the line.  So buying handmade directly from the artist almost always ensures higher quality and longer lasting jewelry.

There's usually a story to tell, too. Buying a bracelet from a big department store that was created from a factory assembly line won't garner you as much conversation with admirers as being able to retell how the artist carved this charm from a nut that grows in Hawaii and how the artist used a saw to cut the design in this piece of copper, how this piece was made by firing powdered glass in a kiln, or that this piece was inspired by the artist's childhood memory of going to the Grand Canyon.

There are so many more reasons, and when all is said and done you also may feel a little joy knowing that you're helping small business and independent artists.

We are certainly grateful of your business and do our utmost to deserve your consideration.


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