2018 Online Workshop for Colored Pencil on Metal Earrings by Laura Bracken

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Colored Pencil on Metal Earrings Workshop


This self-paced online class will teach you how to create colorful earrings with simple tools and techniques.

Those who’ve taken my classes or downloaded my tutorials before already know that I have a very hand-holding approach to teaching so expect to get a lot of information via thorough instruction.  

I will show you how to add the colored pencil to metal, how to prepare textured settings in silver or copper, how to rivet the metals together, how to make earwires, and how to patina your textured metal.

In this class we will not be using torches.  The only time you COULD use a torch if you like, is for making the ball end of our earwires (I will include instruction for those who are interested).  


The Class Structure:

  • Upon signing up for the class, student will receive a an email with links to a handout of materials and supplies needed 
  • Student will also be given access to multiple instructional videos
    • Videos may be watched at any time, in any order, and as many times as necessary during 2018
    • The videos will be removed on December 31st of 2018
  • At the start of class, students will be encouraged to join a private Facebook group page for this class. While it’s not necessary to join the Facebook group, doing so will enrich the learning experience and is highly recommended.
    • After the end of the video availability (12-31-18), the Facebook group page will still be accessible so that students may share progress, ask questions, and gather inspiration.  The only thing unavailable after the class ends will be the videos 
  • Students will be able to keep the provided handouts and refer back to them when needed (no sharing or posting this info online, thanks).


In the videos, some of the topics discussed include:

  • Preparing the metal
  • Adding colored pencils
  • Layering and blending
  • Sealing
  • Designing
  • Riveting

As time permits, we may explore additional techniques such as tab settings, specialized riveting systems, making earwires, adding patina, and texturing metal.

BIO: I am a metalsmith and instructor with 19 years of experience selling jewelry online and in person.  I am also the founder and president of the SRAJD, a grass-roots international organization for self-representing artists in jewelry design with a current membership over 4000.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can reach me through the contact form on this website.

Testimonials from previous students:

  • (Online Jewelry Photography Workshop): 
    • Thanks to Laura's great explanation of the camera settings, I'm feeling brave.  Looking forward to playing with the cameras & following Laura's tips. The way she explained the F stops really clicked with the way I think, thanks Laura Bracken!
    • I've already learned so much just watching the videos and following the group discussions. So glad signed up.  I think this has been a fantastic course and you are a well organized, detailed and all around wonderful instructor.
    • Thanks, Laura! This class was just what I needed. It's so satisfying to be able to get the shot I want on the camera. The less editing I have to do the happier I am.
    • You’ve truly been an excellent instructor and at some point I'd take the class again.
    • So organized and professional!



Reviewed by Linda on Mar 23, 2018
Hi, I’m interested in class but have a question: Do you color on silver (sterling, fine)? Thanks Linda Hi Linda... in response to your question, you can color on any metal you like, but I am demonstrating on copper throughout most of the workshop. Since the color covers the metal, I didn't want to use a pricier option. Hope that helps. -- Laura