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Online Jewelry Photography Tutorial

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Jewelry Photography Workshop

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This self-paced online beginner’s class will teach you how to take better photographs of your jewelry in three comprehensive sections.

  • First, we will go over the various aspects of our cameras, what certain “terms” mean, and how to get the most out of your set-up.  You don’t need a fancy/expensive camera to take this course as I will help you get the most of everything from a pricey DSLR to a point-and-shoot to a cell phone camera.
  • In the second section, we’ll talk about the “set-up” and I’ll show you some tips and tricks to create “staging” for online sales or show applications, and we’ll discuss how to get a great photo on the first try.  We don’t want everyone’s photos looking the same but we do want everyone to improve their own process of taking photos, so we will cover a few different set-ups.
  • In the final section, we’ll discuss photo editing.  I will cover techniques in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and GIMP (free online photo-editing software).  Other programs will work too and some of you may even be able to do editing from cell phone apps.  My goal is to have you in and out of editing as soon as possible.  With better photos, comes less editing.

Because there are so many variables (the camera, the set-up, and the photo-editing software), my focus will be less on the specifics of “which button to push under what circumstances” and more on the overall ideas and concepts behind getting a good photo so that everyone may succeed no matter what they’re using.

Those who’ve taken my classes or downloaded my tutorials before already know that I have a very hand-holding approach to teaching.  This is not a class for people who already have vast knowledge of photography or photo-editing.

This online photography class includes two bonuses.  Everyone who takes the class will have the opportunity to submit an image for critique.  I will also take some of those images and provide video demos as I photo-edit them, showing and discussing the process step by step.  The second bonus is that if you like I will take your logo and prepare it so that you can add it to your images without any background coloring.  In other words, you’d go from this (first photo) to this (second photo).


The Class Structure:

  • After signing up, student submits 1-3 images they want critiqued and/or want help with
  • Class is self-paced and access to the videos, the handouts, and the private Facebook support group are ongoing and forever
  • Students will be able to download a handout with highlights of what we’re learning with bullet point reminders.  Students will be able to keep these handouts and refer back to them when needed (no sharing or posting this info online, thanks).
  • Students are encouraged to join a private Facebook group page for this class. While it’s not necessary to join the Facebook group, doing so will enrich the learning experience and is highly recommended.


During the workshop, some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • Section 1: Familiarizing yourself with your camera
    • Macro setting
    • Self-timer
    • ISO
    • Spot metering
    • White balance
    • Shooting range
    • Resolution
    • Aperture
  • Section 2: The photography set-up
    • Where to shoot
    • Diffused lighting
    • Lighting types
    • The light tent
    • Backgrounds
    • Type of shots
    • The layout
    • Props and models
    • Invisible help
    • Gray cards
  • Section 3: Photo-editing
    • Software
    • Basic controls
    • Image size
    • Resolution
    • Cropping
    • Correcting color
    • Changing the background
    • Adjusting lighting
    • Adjusting contrast
    • Removing fuzz and/or other things you don’t want in the photo
    • Adding a border
    • Adding text, logo, or a watermark


When you place your order you will receive two emails from my website.  The first will be confirmation of your order.  The second will include information for logging into my website to access the PDF file with the class info.

If you are not in the U.S., you must use my Etsy site to purchase my tutorials:

Some comments from previous students of this class:

  • Thanks to Laura's great explanation of the camera settings, I'm feeling brave.  Looking forward to playing with the cameras & following Laura's tips. The way she explained the F stops really clicked with the way I think, thanks Laura Bracken!
  • I've already learned so much just watching the videos and following the group discussions. So glad signed up.  I think this has been a fantastic course and you are a well organized, detailed and all around wonderful instructor.
  • Thanks, Laura! This class was just what I needed. It's so satisfying to be able to get the shot I want on the camera. The less editing I have to do the happier I am.
  • You’ve truly been an excellent instructor and at some point I'd take the class again.
  • So organized and professional!

BIO: I have been selling jewelry online successfully for 17 years.  I am an award-winning photographer with a background in motor-sports photo-journalism as well as general photography.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can reach me through the contact form on this website.

Regarding the following video introduction to the class, ignore the one-month deadline (that was when I first launched the workshop), and ignore the dates (the class is lifelong).

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