Bronze Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet Large Size with Patina Handmade


One’s back is vulnerable, unless one has a brother.  (Old Viking saying)

The Story of This Jewelry: The above quote wasn't an important or even understandable idea to me until middle age, when I began to see that as wonderful as my independent ways are, there truly is strength in numbers and no man is an island.  Trite quotes, perhaps, but true.  As I made this bracelet, one link at a time, I considered how intensely strong a thing can be when joined by others.

This medieval-looking darkened bronze chainmaille bracelet was made with the ancient Byzantine pattern.  Chainmaille was the earliest form of metal armor and was probably invented before the 5th century by the ancient Celts.

The height is about 5mm tall and the bracelet closes with a hand-forged hook clasp.

The interior measurement is about 7½ inches (8¼ inches laid out flat).

Since this bracelet has a hook clasp, I think it's better suited to be worn tighter rather than looser.  If you want to wear it loose, let me know and I'll change the clasp out.  

These bracelets look great worn alone or amid a stack of wrist-wear.

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