Choose Your Raven Crow or Other Enamel Decal Pendant with Option for Necklace Chain

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In this listing, I offer you some of my hand-enameled pendants.  To make these, I first cup a piece of copper sheet into pieces (just over an inch tall and a bit over ½ an inch wide.  I flatten the metal, sand the edges and corners so nothing is sharp. I punch a hole in the top for the sterling silver jumpring.  

Then I enamel the reverse side fo the pendant.  Counter-enamel is important for enameled pieces as it keeps the stress of glass fused to metal to a minimum and helps avoid cracks.  Remember, enamel is glass, so treat accordingly.

After firing the counter-enamel (either in a kiln or by torch), I add enamel to the front of the pendant.  Then I add an enamel decal, let it dry overnight, then fire it in the kiln or with a torch at over 1000 degrees until I can see it has become a permanent part of the pendant.  The image can not be removed or scratched and it won't fade.

In this listing, you may select which pendant you would like.

If you'd also like a sterling silver chain, that is an option too.  Otherwise, the pendant will come as you see it in the first photo with a sterling silver jumpring ready to be added to your own chain.


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