Gentle Bezel Pusher

Gentle Bezel Pusher

When I was in college, I had a chance to use a soft bezel pusher similar to these and have been a big fan ever since.  I created a variation using an engineering grade thermoplastic (3/8ths inch diameter and 1/4 inch diameter)) with wooden handles.

I use these non-metal pushers to close jewelry bezels when I'm just not sure I want to risk using a metal pusher.  Sometimes I use them in conjunction with metal tools, starting the process with this item and then finishing by using a metal burnisher.  

These gentle pushers do not take the place of traditional metalsmithing bezel tools; they can work in conjunction with them, especially for certain circumstances.

If you use those 30 gauge (really thin) pre-fabricated bezel cups, this is a must have as it easily closes those bezels without leaving all the harsh tool marks that happen so easily with the metal bezel tools.

The other two items I prefer the gentle pusher on are gallery wire and serrated bezel wire.



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