German Amethyst Cubic Zirconia in Small Circle Zen Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Things derive their being and nature by mutual dependence and are nothing in themselves. (Nagarjuna)

My "Zen" line of necklaces features a circle of sterling silver, beautiful yet minimalist and simple.  I often reach for minimalism in my own life and this ends up translating to my work life too.  When I put on my own Zen necklace, I wear it for months on end.  These necklaces are low-maintenance beauty.

This is the smaller version from my Zen Circle line and features a 4mm tube set faceted German amethyst colored cubic zirconia stone which looks much darker than these images make it look (photo lighting... sorry).  it's a very deep purple and will look almost black when worn unless strong light hits it.

The silver circle is about ¾ of an inch (the size of a U.S. penny) and you pick which length of sterling chain you want for it (chain style may vary from photo).

Each necklace is hand-fabricated by me from sustainably sourced U.S. recycled sterling silver.


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