Handmade Blue Kiln Fired Enamel Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwires, Teardrop Shape Curved

This is a pair of hand-fabricated earrings made from kiln-fired enamel on copper.

After cutting the shape from copper sheet, I file and form the metal into a curve.  I add one layer of enamel color at a time and kiln-fire the components.

The reverse side of the earrings have counter-enamel for durability.  The coloring on the fronts of the earrings is slightly asymmetrical.

Enamel is glass, so please treat these earrings as such.

These are not lightweight earrings coming in at 4 grams each.

They are about 1½ inch total length from the top of the sterling silver earwires to the bottom of the enameled design.