Horse Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Horse Head Silhouette Mustang Negative Space

In riding a horse, we borrow freedom. (Helen Thompson)

I hand fabricated this pendant by taking ethically sourced sterling silver sheet and cutting the hours head design out using a very thin bladed jeweler's saw.

I then sweat soldered the negative space silhouette onto another sheet of sterling silver back plate.

After shaping and polishing, I give the piece a patina to accent the design.

The pendant is ¾ of an inch (about 19mm, or the size of a U.S. penny)

Choose your preferred chain length for the necklace chain included with the pendant.  The chain closes with a slender lobster clasp.

Please note that I make these one at a time and there will slight variations from one to the next as is the nature of handmade.


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