Japanese Waves Crest Silver Pendant Saw Pierced Sterling Necklace


Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.  (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

The Story of This Jewelry: As a child, I spent three years in Japan and maybe it impressed something upon my subconscious because I am quite drawn to Japanese design aesthetics.  For this piece, I took a book of old Japanese family crests and designed a pendant based on one depicting cresting waves.

I created this unique pendant using a technique called "saw pierce" where I cut away the negative space in the design I drew on a piece of sterling silver sheet.

For contrast, I've soldered the sterling disk onto a copper disk to which I've added a patina.

The pendant diameter is 1 and 1/8th inches (~28mm) and comes with a sterling silver chain (select your length).