Laura Bracken Jewelry and Craft Pricing Calculator - Easy to Use (Excel File)

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Previous Customers: If you already purchased this file from me, the upgrade is free.  Please send me a convo for instructions.

This is an Excel file. So you must have Excel, or access to Excel, for the pricing calculator to work. (You may also be able to find free programs obtainable online that include Excel or emulate Excel, such as OpenOffice.)

Although this program was originally created to calculate the costs for jewelry makers, it can be used for any craft, hobby, or trade.

This is a file to help you calculate pricing. It is NOT a file to store your inventory.

All you have to do to get the suggested retail and wholesale price of any item is to type in:

-- The time it took to make the item

-- What you pay yourself (or someone else) per hour for the labor of making the item

-- What your materials cost

The program automatically calculates your total labor costs, overhead and profit margin, giving you both a retail and wholesale price to work with.

The latest version includes five top pricing formulas because not all artists want to use the same formula and because sometimes a formula may not work for everything you make. An item with $100 in materials that takes 15 minutes to make may require a different formula than an item that uses $5 in materials and takes three hours to make.

As mentioned above, this is not a database to store your inventory information, however you may print hardcopies of the calculation page should you opt to keep hardcopy records.  

This file includes a worksheet to calculate the cost of wire used in your design.

The file also contains a worksheet for calculating Etsy fees, as well as a section to calculation consignment pricing based on various percentage scenarios.

Be sure you also download the Instructions (PDF file).  (VERY helpful, trust me!)

There are 3 files total. One is the aforementioned PDF of instructions, the other two are the imperial version (inches) and the metric version.

If you purchase this and don't like it for any reason, you have one week to let me know and ask for a refund (which will be given in full).

For those who end up liking it, I think you'll find that the $5 investment was well worth it for something you'll use over and over for years to come.

The formulas and the template in the pricing calculator are locked so you won't be able to accidentally mess them up.  You only have access to the exact points for your input.

Please note the download page will show three files. One ends in "metric"; that file uses centimeters and meters as the length measurements. One is the imperial version (inches and feet measurements). And the third file is a PDF of the instructions.

Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed. 

You will receive an invoice via email which will include your username and password at the bottom and a hyperlink to each product you purchased.  That is where you will download the file(s).

If you forget your password, you can have a new one sent to you by selecting "Request new password" from my website.

If you can't access the file via the download system, send me an email to LauraBrackenOnline “at” 

The instruction file is a PDF. Most people can open PDF files on their computer, but if you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer, you can download it free from

Return Policy for Tutorials: I will refund the purchase price of the tutorial after hearing from you with details on what you found unsatisfactory.

Email me if you have any questions about or problems with the file(s).

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