Simple Copper Etching Tutorial

Simple Copper Etching Tutorial

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Create one-of-a-kind copper jewelry that is durable and long-lasting. Artisan etched jewelry makes the perfect gift.

This 16-page tutorial (electronic PDF file) includes instructions for etching copper or bronze (or steel) in an easy and low cost way.  (Etching silver is a very different process and not included in these instructions.)

(If you are not in the U.S., you must use my Etsy site to purchase my tutorials)

A comprehensive list of supplies is included.

Although this is a very easy and non-messy way of etching, it is not a "green method" of etching.  You will be using Ferric Chloride.

No specialty equipment, tools, or supplies are necessary.  Other than the metal and whatever tools you normally use to make jumpring holes, etc, most of the items needed are household items.

Please note that the information in my etching tutorials has been gathered from many sources and formulated after much experimentation.  There is no secret knowledge in my tutorials that is known only to me; most people could learn the exact same thing given the time and similar resources.  The person who would most benefit from my etching tutorials is one who prefers to have all the information in one place in a very hand-holding type of way. 

You may download the file as many times and you need/like.

If you like to etch and decide to take that talent to the next level, check out my Photo Etching Tutorial.

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