Light Purple Cubic Zirconia in Circle Zen Necklace in Sterling Silver


Smile, breathe and go slowly.  (Thich Nhat Hanh)

The Story of This Jewelry: My "Zen" line of necklaces features a circle of sterling silver, beautiful yet minimalist and simple.  I often reach for minimalism in my own life and this ends up translating to my work life too.  When I put on my own Zen necklace, I wear it for months on end.  These necklaces are low-maintenance beauty.

This is the larger version from my Zen Circle line and features a 5nm bezel set faceted German Cubic Zirconia stone that is light sensitive.  It's light purple in daylight or incandescent lighting, and it becomes nearly clear under fluorescent lighting.

The circle is about one inch (the size of a U.S. quarter) and you pick which length of sterling chain you want for it.

Each necklace is hand-fabricated by me from sustainably sourced U.S. recycled sterling silver.