Lone Poppy Necklace in Sterling Silver with Red Enamel Accent

Only with kisses and red poppies can I love you…  (Pablo Neruda )

Poppies mean so many things to so many people. 

The saw work on the silver disk of this pendant was originally going to be a small field of poppies.  After cutting out the first poppy, I decided something about the lone flower spoke to me in a stronger way than the grouping so I stopped there. 

I added the pop of color from an enameled disk behind the poppy (can be reversed to black if you flip the silver disk over... see photo).  This pendant consists of two separate disks.  the black and red enameled copper disk in back of the sterling silver saw-pierced disk.

The circle is 1 inch in diameter.  Select your sterlnig silver chain length.