Silver Moon Druzy with Howling Wolf Pendant Necklace

And if you're ever feeling lonely just look at the moon...

I enjoyed finding out that wolves actually howl most frequently to the members of their packs they spend the most time with.  So I went with the above quote to express the connectedness of the wolf (our mates, friends, lovers, etc) and the moon (us... we... I, me... the wearer of this necklace).

The bezel set stone is referred to as a "silver moon druzy".  It's a Quartz that has been given a titanium coating to enhance the sparkle of the druzy (tiny Quartz crystals formed in nature). 

I hand fabricated this pendant from ethically sourced sterling silver (reclaimed, not mined).  After cutting out the howling wolf using a tiny jeweler's saw, I formed the bezel, set the stone, and gave everything a good polish.

My artist's makers mark as well as a fineness stamp are on the back of the pendant.

The pendant is about 20mm. Select your preferred length for the sterling silver chain.

The titanium coating on this stone is metal-based and will react to extended exposure to direct sunlight and humidity.