Snakeskin Copper Cuff Bracelet Textured


The snake that cannot shed its skin perishes.  Likewise those spirits who are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be spirits.  (Friedrich Nietzsche)

The Story of This Piece: I've always been fascinated with the idea of change so making a piece of jewelry that represented that was super fun to do.  I started with the concept of the snakeskin pattern and then built around that, physically and conceptually.

I created this cuff bracelet from two pieces of copper.  The interior piece was textured in a rolling milling then made to fit into the frame section.

After forming the bracelet, I filed, textured, polished and gave the piece a patina.

This cuff is about 2½ inches inside diameter.

There's the tiniest bit of wiggle room to make the cuff larger or smaller for its new owner.

Keep in mind that working the metal to fit your wrist is NOT the same thing as bending the metal back and forth each time you put the cuff on and take it off.

Once a cuff is fitted to your wrist, the metal should not be bending for you to get the bracelet off and on.

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