Sterling Silver Heavy Chain Maille Necklace

Sterling Silver Heavy Chain Maille Necklace

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This is a substantial (not delicate or dainty) piece of jewelry.

I created it from heavy gauage sterling silver jumprings, closed one upon another, into a woven pattern called "Byzantine".

It's thought that the Celts invented chainmaille somewhere around 400 AD.  Some even say it was invented more like 300 BC.  Either way, I'm honored to be working in a tradition that is thousands of years old.  

This necklace measures 17 inches when laid out flat.  Due to the thickness of the chain, it will probably  be similar to a 16-inch necklace when worn.

The width of the "chain" is between 5-6mm (a smidge under 1/4 of an inch).

This is a true statement piece.  Someone will really enjoy it.


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