Sterling Silver Raven Pendant Necklace

The history of ravens as mythical birds can be traced as far as the 1000-year-old Norse mythology.  In North American folklore ravens are the creators of the world.

The Story of This Piece: This pendant was originally designed as part of a charm bracelet project by 18 metaslsmiths each making a charm for a bracelet on the EtsyMetal website with 50% of the proceeds going to the volunteer efforts at The Toolbox Initiative! I chose the Raven for how clever they are and my particular inspiration was the story of the raven and the pebble, where the raven is presented with a jar with water at the bottom of it, too far for him to reach, so he brings pebbles to the jar, dropping them in one after another until the displaced water is raised high enough for him to get at it.  

The small hand-fabricated pendant of sterling silver is ¾ of an inch (about the size of a U.S. penny).  I gave the piece a patina to accent the highlights.  

These are made one at a time so expect very slight variations from one to the next.

You get to choose your length for the sterling silver chain.  If you prefer a shiny (non-oxidized) chain (as shown in the 5th photo), let me know that when you place your order.  Thanks!