Sterling Silver Spinner Ring Size 9¾

Sterling Silver Spinner Ring Size 9¾

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Handmade sterling silver spinner ring.  

A spinner ring is made from two (or more) separate rings.  the inner ring is the part that you wear on your finger.  The outer ring(s) is the part that spins freely around the inner ring band.  The edges of the inner ring band are flaired slightly to keep the inner rings attached.

Spinner rings are also referred to as meditation rings.  Simply spin the outer circle(s) when in a state of relaxation.  Do this for 30 days in a row and it builds muscle memory so that at any other time (like when you're stressed) this same action will trigger a physiological relaxation response (your brain will secrete seratonin because it thinks you're meditating/relaxing).

The ring is approximately a size 9¾.


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