Torch Enameling for Beginners Special Effects and More


When you add this item to your cart and check out, you will receive a PDF file to download with the link to my tutorial for the torch enameling webinar ($19.99 on the Craft Online University website).  

There is no charge to download the PDF from here.  The PDF merely contains the link to get to my webinar that is on the Craft Online University website.

The webinar includes techniques that can be used in thousands of other pieces of jewelry in your future. 

My web seminar is a video of slide (still photographs, not live video) with detailed narration (by me) of the process for torch enameling.

The presentation includes information on: 

  • How to create a safe and practical work space for torch enameling
  • Which enamels are right for your project and where to get your supplies
  • How to prepare the metal for enameling
  • The importance of counter-enamel
  • Best ways to design for the fragility of enamel (it is glass after all)
  • How to add one color to simple copper blanks
  • How to add design accents such as multiple colors, sgraffito, spirals, lines, dots, flowers, etc

If you are going to be near the Sacramento area of California and want to come to the workshop to learn torch enameling, just contact me via the "contact me" link.