Unique Anticlastic Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Handcrafted Handmade

Energy and persistence conquer all things. (Benjamin Franklin)

Not sure if I believe that works 100% of the time but I definitely believe it works 99.9% of the time.  The quote reminded me of this bracelet because I made it without any of the specialty tools I was supposed to have to make such a piece.  Maybe "energy" and "persistence" are right up there with or equal to "determination".  

I hand-fabricated this bangle from ethcially sourced sterling silver.

Although the interior diamter is perfectly round, the bracelet's design has a more abstract feel to it (some refer to it as organic... which to me means something that doesn't look machine-made).

The height of the bracelet varies from 4 to 5mm.  I've given the interior (the curved-in part) a light texture that plays well against the smooth outer surface (the part touching your wrist).

The diameter measures about 2¾ inches.  If you don't have a bangle you can use to measure your size, use a tape measure to measure the widest part of your hand when you are touching your pinky to your thumb.  If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of paper, mark where they meet, and measure that.  Take that number and divide it by pi (3.14).  

Ths bangle plays well with others (demonstracted in the last bracelet photo) or can be worn alone perfectly well.  


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