Online Workshop for Open Front Cuff Rings

Online Workshop for Open Front Cuff Rings

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Learn how to make these very popular, eye-catching rings that people love to wear! 

(If you are not in the U.S., you must use my Etsy site to purchase my tutorials)

This self-paced online class will teach you how to create my open front cuff rings with traditional tools and techniques.

You work at your own pace, watching the videos when it's convenient for you and coming to the FB group page for discussion (or emailing me).  You have access to the videos and to the Facebook support page forever. 

Those who’ve taken my online classes or downloaded my tutorials before already know that I have a very hand-holding approach to teaching (see comments below).

This listing is for a PDF (electronic file) that you download.  The file is 44 pages of instruction and information.  Within the PDF are hyperlinks to instructional video clips as well as to recommended products.  My videos are shot the best way I could.  They are not professional studio quality by any stretch of the imagination but I felt it was important for you to see some of the steps in live action as opposed to just photos on paper if/when possible.

If you have no desire to solder or to learn to solder, you can use the tutorial to make the open front cuff rings without adding a stone.  I love these and sell many of them.  If you want to solder but are new to it, I hope my instructions help.  If you still have questions, consider joining the private Facebook group page I set up for customers of this tutorial.

In this workshop, I will show you how to:

  • Plan the design
  • Create the ring shank
  • Stamp or texture the metal
  • Create a comfort fit (these are the details that matter)
  • Add a patina (both silver and copper)
  • Polish
  • Solder a pre-fab bezel cup to the ring shank
  • Set the stone

As usual, along the way you'll learn all my little studio tips and tricks that you can add to your own repertoire.

In this class we will be using torches (if you decide to add a stone to your ring).  I will be demo'ing the techniques with a hand-held butane torch.  

When you purchase the class, you will receive two emails.  The first will be confirmation of your purchase.  The second contains the login info for your account on my website where you can find the PDF to download.  Contact me if you have trouble.

The price of this tutorial is half the cost one open front cuff ring without a stone.  A great investment to your metalsmithing education.

Here are the basic materials and tools requirements. 

Materials Required

  • Non-ferrous metal (silver, copper, etc) for the ring shank
  • Pre-fabricated bezel cup
  • Calibrated stone

Tools Required

  • Soldering set-up (details in handout)
  • Torch (I demo with a hand-held butane torch; also works with EZ Torch, Smith Little Torch, etc)
  • File or silicon polishing wheel
  • Steel ring mandrel 
  • Peen hammer (optional texture) 
  • Rawhide or nylon hammer
  • Steel bench block
  • Design stamps (optional) with brass hammer
  • Rotary tool (Dremel or Flex Shaft) with sanding/polishing accessories (detailed in handout)
  • Shears or jeweler’s saw 
  • Stone setting tools (details in handout)
  • Radial disk brush attachments (details in handout) or substitutes
  • Nylon jaw pliers
  • Marking pen
  • Alcohol and q-tips
  • Thick paper 
  • Safety gear (eye protection, etc)
  • Polishing compound (or fine emery paper)
  • Patina agent (optional)


The Class Structure:

  • Upon signing up for the class, student will receive two emails from my website.  The first is a confirmation of the purchase; the second contains login information to access and download the PDF file with all the information to access the videos and handouts.
    • Videos may be watched at any time, in any order, and as many times as necessary forever
  • Students will be encouraged to join a private Facebook group page for this class. While it’s not necessary to join the Facebook group, doing so will enrich the learning experience and is highly recommended.
  • Students will be able to keep the provided handouts and refer back to them when needed (no sharing or posting this info online, thanks).


There are a dozen video clips that accompany the information in the handout.


BIO: I am a metalsmith and instructor.  I am also the founder and president of the SRAJD, a grass-roots international organization for self-representing artists in jewelry design with a current membership over 4000.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can reach me through the contact form on this website.


Testimonials from previous students:

  • (Online Jewelry Photography Workshop): 
    • I've already learned so much just watching the videos and following the group discussions. So glad I signed up.  I think this has been a fantastic course and you are a well organized, detailed and all around wonderful instructor.
    • Thanks, Laura! This class was just what I needed. It's so satisfying to be able to get the shot I want on the camera. The less editing I have to do the happier I am.
    • You’ve truly been an excellent instructor and at some point I'd take the class again.
    • So organized and professional!
    • Thanks to Laura's great explanation of the camera settings, I'm feeling brave.  Looking forward to playing with the cameras & following Laura's tips. The way she explained the F stops really clicked with the way I think, thanks Laura Bracken!
  • (Online Colored Pencil on Metal Workshop): 
    • I'm in the middle of laura bracken's colored pencil in metal. talk about a generous, giving teacher!!! the class, of course is wonderful. learning so many tips and tricks. the videos are easy to follow and easy to obtain results. she has been so generous with her time!!! i would certainly encourage you to take one of her online classes!!!
    • U definitely need Laura’s classes. What a great teacher!
    • Laura has done a fantastic job and created an excellent, sharing, community space that is encouraging of everyone, regardless of talent level.
    • You've done a great job, and will continue to do so, I have no doubt. Looking forward to the next class of whatever type it is that I haven't done before.
    • This particular class has taught not only how to color on metal, but how to color at all! And how to rivet. And how to saw. And piercing. And a bit of soldering. Laura just keeps rolling out videos on all the facets of the entire projects!!!!

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