Adding Off Site Links to Your Etsy Shop

You are allowed to list your other website(s) in your Etsy shop/listings. 
According to this article called Clarifying Offsite Linking Policies (click to read), here’s the current stance on non-Etsy links…
“As long as you’re not urging or suggesting that your buyers leave Etsy to make a purchase, you’re welcome to include any links you want in your shop - to your personal website, your blog, other online venues, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.”
Although you can put these URLs in your shop announcement, your item descriptions, and your profile, they will only be hyperlinks (clickable) in one special section of your ABOUT page.
This section is called RELATED LINKS.

To get links into those spots on your ABOUT page:

  • Go to YOUR SHOP: (upper right of your Etsy screen).
  • Click on “INFO & APPEARANCE”
  • Click on "ABOUT" (from the menu on the left column)
  • Click on the "STORY" tab
  • Scroll all the way down to “SHOP LINKS”
  • Add your links and hit SAVE


Thank you - would never have

Thank you - would never have figured this placement issue out!

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