It's the Little Things (aka Not Being Too Hard On Yourself)

June 20, 2022

I was feeling guilty that I didn't have a chance to blog in the last two days.  Seriously?!  How messed up is that?!  I've got enough angst on my plate without adding mythical worries to feel badly about.

So much easier to think about what I *didn't* get done rather than appreciate what I *did* get done.  Silly woman.

Let's start celebrating our accomplishments, big or small.  What did you do today (or yesterday)?  I'll bet you got SOME of the things on your "to do" list done.  Didn't get the whole list done?  Ha!  You're not superwoman.  We must be realistic and recognize that even when LIFE isn't getting in our way, our "to do" lists are still not accomplishable (oh wow, I thought that was a made up word, but no... it's real... ha ha ha!) in a single day (or week, month, and maybe even year!).

It's kind of like the bedtime gratefuls (okay, now THAT is supposedly not a word... but here's my theory on that... if I say something and you know exactly what I mean, then that counts... I don't care if it's in the dictionary or not... words are about communicating and if I'm communicating my thoughts to you that's all that matters).  Now, where was I?  Oh yeah, when I lie down in bed each night, I try to think of at least three things I'm grateful for that day... specific things.  Yes, I could pick the usual top dogs like health and family, but when I go for more specific things I'm forcing myself to examine my day and truly find things to be grateful for that have meaning in that moment.

Focus on what you ARE accomplishing, not what you aren't accomplishing.

So this is short today because I have a lot of things to go do.  Don't want that mildew to set in!  :-)