June 20, 2022

One realization I needed to embrace was: "I am not a general store."

While I love being the person who can provide anything anyone needs, it's not my job.  I need to give up that feeling of prestige when someone in the house says, "My sheets keep slipping; I should get some of those little clips that hold the corners down."  Then I get to say, "Wait!  I have some I'm not using... just a second."  There is no reason AT ALL that I need to be prepared for that kind of situation.  And the reason I picked "sheet corner clips" as my example is because I just now put a nice set of four into the box for donation.  If there ever does come a time when I or someone in my household finds themselves in need of some sheet corner clips, Amazon will provide.  Yes, I'm willing to risk wasting $6 in exchange for a more clutter free home.