Are You Wasting Your Energy Worrying About Your Competition?

Warning…. I’m going to do that soapbox thing now.

Wasted Energy

Stop spending time and energy worrying about competing with other jewelry makers.  Spend your time and energy on improving your work, your store, your listings, your audience.

First of all, it is a turn off to potential customers if you bad-mouth the competition… snarky, bitchy, whiny… all of it.  And guess what?  You NEVER KNOW where a potential customer is.  Anyone and everyone who sees your written words on the internet is a potential customer.

Secondly, it’s a waste of energy.  You will rarely see a focused professional jewelry maker whining and carrying on about their competition. 

And by “competition”, I don’t just mean other self-representing jewelry makers.  I mean don’t bitch non-stop about Chinese mass-produced imports.  Just don’t. 

Don’t bitch about people copying your work. 

Don’t bitch about nasty customers who approach you in your show booth. 

Don’t bitch about how much the price of silver has gone up.

If you simply MUST bitch, do it only occasionally and in a private setting with a few people.

When you are whiny/complaining/negative often and in public, I can guarantee you are turning people away from your business.

Spend more time practicing your workroom skills and less time worrying about things you have no control over.


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