DIY Sanding Box (Or How to Have a Dust Free Workroom)

I had made a new “contraption” for my workshop. Sanding metal makes a huge mess. And just because I wear goggles and a respirator while sanding, it doesn’t mean I’m okay with the metal dust particles left all over the workshop.

So I often sand outside, but that entails carrying all my stuff out there and of course I never remember to bring everything I need on my first trip out.

Here’s my current solution.

  • I took a regular cardboard file box and cut off the top.
  • Then I cut two “arm” holes in the front.
  • I taped Saran plastic wrap to seal the top.
  • Then I took some latex kitchen gloves, cut off the fingers, splayed open the wrist portion, and taped them to the two “arm” holes. 

Now I can sand inside the box and all the dust stays put. 

Every few weeks I replace the saran wrap on top.


workshop exhaust

I've thought off and on about hooking up to my dryer exhaust vent for when it gets too cold to work outside ... but haven't worked that out yet

Response to Elli

Elli, what a great idea! For me, I'd think vacuum, but same concept I guess. Let me know if you ever try it.


Hi and thank you for the tutorial. I made a similar sand box out of cardboard, the only difference is that instead of the saran wrap I put a piece of plexiglass. I stuck it with duct tape and it looks like a window. I was wondering, do you also have fumes while you work? And if yes, have you found a solution for it? I have a lot of smelly fumes, the dust stays in but the fumes find their way out and I know it's unhealthy for us to breath.. I haven't try a vacuum yet since I made it just today!


Hi Galini. I like your idea of the plexiglass. As far as fumes go, I don't have fumes from sanding, but I do from many other things I do in the workroom. One set-up I've used is to replace one of my studio window with plexiglass into which I've created a hole the size of my exhaust tubing. Then I connect a strong hydroponics exhaust fan with a hood to some dryer vent tubing and place it near my work station. The fan draws in the fumes which vent out through the hosing and on out the window.

Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I made one using a plexiglass top and I love that my dust is contained! :)


Nadia, so glad to hear this.

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