Google Trends (Or How to Waste Time on a Rainy Day)

Need another internet way of wasting time? Check out Google Trends.

You put in a keyword (or keywords) and see what’s trending on Google (what others are searching for on Google and what country they’re from).

The website "" says: “This isn't a measure of searches, but it is a measure of what people are talking about on the Internet.”

I thought it was interesting that the U.S. comes up first when searching on the word “handcrafted” while Vietmam comes up first when searching on the word “handmade”. Put in “handmade jewelry” and it's the U.S. again.

When you scroll down, you can see the top related searches. 

Try comparing search terms. For example, for the past ten years, “handmade jewelry” seems to be searched on a lot more than “handcrafted jewelry”.

Looking up “handmade” versus “artisan”, we see much closer results.

Adding the word "jewelry", however, really emphasizes the split.

Can this help you with SEO?  Let me know if you think it does.


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