Labradorite and Enamel, But Not at the Same Time

In today's blog post I want to share some of my latest creations.

I spent about 16 years never using Labradorite (no, I have no good reason for that).  And I seem to have embraced it all and once in binge-style.

Here are some pieces I made in the last month.

It started with this piece.  I never even got finished photos of it because it sold before I had a chance.  The back had rolling mill leaf texture on it, and of course it came with a chain.

I liked it so much, I revisited the design not long after.

Then I had a day where I didn't feel inspired so I merely created bezels for upcoming projects.

Back in the saddle a few days later, I made this ring.

It was my first time making a ring with an open shank behind the stone...

The next piece was a lot of fun to make.  A large green Labradorite stone in front and wanting to show off the beauty of the back of the stone too, I opted for a saw pierced tree.

I still have Labradorite calling my name from my workbench, but I have to take care of a few other duties first.  There will, however, be more in my near future.

So aside from Labradorite, I also spent some time recently exploring enameling.

It started with me creating my own silk screens using one of my favorite themes, of course... animal skeletons.

Then I played around with separation enamel for some cool effects.

And some sgraffito.

Then combining enameling and riveting, I created these one of a kind pendants that will be available on my website by the end of the week.

Thanks for taking a peek at my recent work. 

Tomorrow's blog post will help you prepare for the upcoming Tucson show, so stay tuned.  


Simply put: Stunning!

Simply put: Stunning!

Thanks! I appreciate you

Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and comment. Cheers!

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