Week #4 Musings and More

I want to make another resolution of sorts.  I want to try to get a photo of every piece of jewelry before I take it to one of the galleries.  It's rather nice having a record of my work.  I go back and reference things quite a bit.

There.  Now that I'ver written it down, and in public no less, does that make it official?

So I did manage to hit my "10" this week.  I had eight, but I figured if I'm going to the gallery anyway, I should make it worth my effort so I made two more simple pendants that were in a style I've been doing with earrings for a couple weeks.

Some of my other pieces were distinctly NOT simple pendants.  So... this week I tried my hand at something I'd been wanting to do for quite some time.  I tried cloisonne.  I managed two pieces.  For the first, I used transparent enamels, but kind of forgot what I read about "warm colors" and silver.  It's okay... I'm still cool with a rust-red sun.  So for the second piece, I used opaques (just while I get my bearings on the whole "warm colors" things).  These are the two pieces and I owe a huge thanks to anyone who's ever written a book on enameling, shared a tip on Facebook, or posted an online video.  I'm most likely going to be taking a proper class later this year (I've got Merry-Lee Rae in mind as well as Pam East).

Then I made some spinner rings because I have two more outstanding custom orders and I like to make spinner rings in small batches because it's so much easier than doing one at a time from start to finish.  And next to the spinners is a ring that was going to be a spinner but I decided to just leave it as a wide band ring instead.  

Then in an attempt to be timely at something for a change, I decided to make some heart jewelry.  I wasn't really sure what I was going to do but here's what ended up happening.

So there we go.  Ten pieces in one week.  It felt really good to take the majority of these to the gallery and start to fill my case.

So the bad news is that as usual my jewelry is all over the place, style-wise... but the good news is I've been at this for three weeks in a row... meeting my new year's resolution.  Whoohoo!  

Okay, next week I may add to my weekly post with some actual musings.  I've been thinking lately about some very nice people in this industry... and some not so nice people (although it's probably not malicious... just their personality).  Okay, dishing later.  Toodles!


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