Week #9 Musings and More

So you know that Beck song that goes: Soy un perdedor... I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me? 

For years I thought it was, "I'm a lizard baby so why don't you kill me?"

I kinda still sing that in my head when the song comes on Pandora.  Anyway, trying to stave of feeling like a loser... or a lizard.  But it's hard when I've had two weeks in a row of NOT accomplishing my New Year's resolution of creating 10 items fo jewelry per week.

It's just... there are SO many things to do in life and I can't get to all of them.  :-)

So my "loserness" is totally tongue in cheek... I've been kicking butt on other projects and I know I'll get back to jewelry soon.

I have a couple custom orders hanging on the board that need to get taken care of.  

So this week, I made one piece of jewelry.  It was one of my staples, nothing new or inventive. It's a celebration of the fact that I finally understand the difference between high quality pearls... and what I used for the first years of my work.

So... how many of you sign up for those free workshops only to discover that there's one particle of useful info for every 100 particles you have to pay attention to?  Kinda makes me think about those timeshare meetings where you want to talk out of there with those free tickets to the concert (or whatever) but you must first endure the lengthy sales pitch.  I don't blame the sales people... they gotta make a living too.  My new thing is signing up for these and then either forgetting to attend or just not having time.

Besides, how much social media marketing info do I need if I'm so behind on jewelry making I don't even have anything listed on my website?  Ha ha ha!  What on earth would I be marketing?

So back I go into the studio... I actually *AM* working on jewelry today.  Mostly because I have new students coming on Sunday so I'm brushing up.  

See you next week!


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